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We're a bunch of middle and high school students learning to enjoy and follow Jesus well. You're invited to join us!


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Youth gatherings

As middle and high school students we get to enjoy, and help others enjoy, the goodness of God is our everyday moments.

We gather together each Wednesday night from 7-8:30pm to share a meal, study the Scriptures, worship through music, talk about what God is doing in and through our lives, and pray over each other.


Current youth series: “The Shema”

Our life… thinking and talking and working and school and our attitudes and our reactions and how we respond to each other is created to be shaped by God’s instruction and teaching and telling us the best way to live.

The Shema comes from a few lines in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 6v1-12 ). The Israelite people prayed it over and over, and Jesus said was the most important “law” (Mark 12v28-31). A reminder that humanity was created to walk and talk with God in their everyday 24/7 moments. And because of this, their thinking and actions would be God’s way.

“Shema" literally means to listen... and to obey.

Gather with us as we learn to lay out our entire lives to the Creator God (LORD, YHWH) asking the question, "Is what I'm thinking and doing throughout the day, the habits I have, the people I let influence me, the social media and videos and tech I fill my time with... are they helping or hurting my walk with God and others?"

So this week, take time each day to slow down and be still, meditating on The Shema. Write it out on a notecard or download the free wallpaper. Remember, this isn’t a religious system… but an ongoing response to the LORD, YHWH, the creator God.


Reading through the Bible in a year

As a community of young people (grades 6–12), we'll be using The One Year Bible to read through the Scriptures in 2019. Each One Year Bible includes a daily reading from both the Old and New Testament, making it a great tool to practice the rhythm of reading the Scriptures. Pick one up for just $10 during our weekly youth gathering or on Amazon.


The youth notebook

A great way to learn the practice of giving time each day to recognizing what, and how, God is speaking to you. Pick one up for just $5 during our weekly youth gathering (or free when purchasing a One Year Bible).


Going deeper cohort (coming soon)

Whether you've recognized the Holy Spirit’s call to turn to Jesus for a full life, or are simply interested in learning more about Jesus, God, faith, and the Bible and how it’s the best way to live, this three month course is designed to help you grow in understanding the Christian faith.


The youth playlist

Music is one of the many ways we can choose to worship God. When we worship God through song, it often reminds us of who God is and who we are. This return to a proper perspective of God helps move us into a place of real worship, a place where we can't help but respond to the goodness of God. May you continue learning to see all moments as God moments, even in the music you listen to. Here are a few songs / albums you may enjoy:


Youth Trips


Let's go! Gather with us as we explore some of the Pacific Northwest's most amazing spots. Packing lists, along with drop off/pick up times will be emailed to you a few days before each trip.


If you have any questions, or would like to connect with our Youth staff, feel free to send us an email.