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Copy of Youth Uganda 2018


Youth Serve Trip to Uganda

July 6th-20th, 2018


What an incredible trip! You'll find a handful of our favorite photos below :) Enjoy!


Feel free to view or download a ton more photos with the Dropbox link below.


Team meetings

Location: 26 West Church

  • Meeting 1: Sunday, March 11th from 2:30-3:30pm. During our first meeting we’ll talk about fundraising, shots, passports, a general overview of what we'll be doing on the trip, share a packing list, and pray together.
  • Meeting 2: Sunday, April 22nd from 2:30-3:30pm
  • Meeting 3: Sunday, May 13th at 5pm (shots, bring a check)
  • Meeting 4: Thursday, June 28th from 7-8:30pm (packing party)

If you’re unable to make a meeting, it’s okay. Cheryl and I will be glad to meet with you at a different time and catch you up. We encourage your parents to join in on our meetings, but they’re not required to be there.



It's fun seeing what your family and friends are up to, and how exciting it must be for so many of the people in your world to hear that you're planning to serve people of Bethany Village. Because of this, we encourage you to send letters to as many people as you can asking for prayer and financial support. We also encourage you to work for part the trip cost – whether it be a weekend job, for neighbors, or selling something you own. Below is an example letter you can use. We can all tell a scripted letter when we read one... spend some time putting it in your own words and adding why you're excited about the trip.

All donations are tax-deductible and should be made through your PureCharity account.

Note: Two months prior to departure you will need to have 50% of your funds in your Pure Charity account. On this date, the credit card you have on file will be charged for any difference between this 50% and what you currently have donated (this is so that we can purchase your plane ticket at the lowest rate). The balance for the entire trip is due 2 weeks before departure.



On May 13th, during our third meeting, our nurse will be available for all required shots. Please bring your current shot records and a check (for payment).

Here are the prices from last year:

  • Administration fee for shots: $40
  • Yellow Fever (required): $145
  • Hepatitis A (required): $65
  • Typhoid (suggested): $65
  • Polio(suggested): $30
  • T dap(suggested): $40