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The Parent Weekly


The Parent Weekly

We believe parents are the primary teachers in a child's life. Because of this, we post a Parent Weekly each Sunday which includes big ideas from that week’s teaching, the memory verse, questions for family discussion, and a look at where we’re headed the following week. Our hope is for this to be a helpful tool as you continue raising your kids to love God and love people.

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Year 2, Spring: Lesson 2


What we learned today

Big idea: God knows everything

Woman at the well: John 1v1–42. Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman.


Where we're headed next time

Big idea: Jesus seeks and saves

Zacchaeus: Luke 19v1–10. Jesus went to Zaccheaus’ house.



Did you know?

    Share these facts to get the conversation started:

    • Zacchaeus was the chief tax collector, which meant he was most likely a very wealthy man. Tax collectors were known for their shady dealings.

    • The Mosaic law was clear about what was required of men like Zacchaeus. Leviticus 6v2–5 says that if someone cheats a neighbor out of something, he must return it and add one-fifth of the value as a trespass offering. But Exodus 22v1 states that if a man steals something and is unable to return what he stole, he must pay back four times what he stole.

    • Because Zacchaeus’ heart had been changed by his encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus declared he would do all that the law required—and more!

    • After making this declaration, Zacchaeus repented and turned from his sinful life. 


    Connect as a family

    Have your children choose their two favorite toys. They can hold onto their toys while you read Luke 19v1–10. Explain to your children that after Zacchaeus met Jesus, he gave half of everything he owned to the poor. Next, ask your kids how they would feel if you asked them to give away one of their two toys. Discuss together how it might feel to give away things you love. Remind them that Jesus didn’t ask Zacchaeus to do this; Zacchaeus did it on his own because he was so grateful that Jesus saved him. 

    After reading the Scripture passage, discuss these questions together:

    • What part of this encounter between Jesus and Zacchaeus surprised you?

    • Who are the lost? Why did Jesus come to seek and save them?

    • How does it make you feel to know Jesus came to save you?

    These questions can easily extend into the rest of the week. Look for opportunities to bring conversations about how God knows everything into your everyday life as a family.



    A blessing can be a spoken prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words of encouragement and guidance over your child.

    A blessing to pray over your child: (Child’s name), may you know the God who seeks after you. May you sense His closeness. May you be found in the One who provides the way back to your Heavenly Father.


    K – Grade 5Jamie Haley