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The Parent Weekly


The Parent Weekly

We believe parents are the primary teachers in a child's life. Because of this, we post a Parent Weekly each Sunday which includes big ideas from that week’s teaching, the memory verse, questions for family discussion, and a look at where we’re headed the following week. Our hope is for this to be a helpful tool as you continue raising your kids to love God and love people.

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Welcome, you'll find the most recent lessons below:



Year 2, Spring: Lesson 12


What we learned today

Big Idea: Jesus sees faith

Faith of the Centurion: Matthew 8v5–13. Jesus heals the servant of a Roman officer who demonstrates great faith.


Where we're headed next time

Big Idea: Remember & Celebrate

Festival of the Day of Atonement: Remembering and Celebrating God’s Righteousness


Did you know?

Share these facts to get the conversation started:

  • The Israelite people celebrated seven festivals: Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Festival of First Fruits, Feast of Harvest, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles (or Booths).

  • The Day of Atonement was a reflective and often solemn festival each year, involving fasting, prayer, and repentance. The Israelites rededicated the temple of the Lord and repented of their sins.

  • On this day each year, the high priest passed through the veil in the temple and entered the Holy of Holies with sacrificial blood to make atonement for the sins of the people. In the New Testament, Jesus, who is our High Priest, shed His blood once and for all to make atonement for our sins before God.


Connect as a family

At dinner this week, play a game of “Pass the Pepper” with the pepper shaker. Before each person passes it, he must tell the best thing that happened to him during the past week. After taking time to remember and celebrate all the great events of the week, talk with your children about the festivals God’s people celebrated. On the Day of Atonement, they spent time remembering His goodness and righteousness. One way the Israelites did this was by repenting and confessing their sins together. Read 1 John 1v5–10. Discuss as a family the forgiving love of Jesus Christ and the importance of confession and repentance.





Blessings are often used in the Bible. A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words to encourage and guide.

A blessing to pray over your child: (Child’s name), may you worship our righteous God each day of your life. May you experience His forgiveness and love.