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The Parent Weekly


The Parent Weekly

We believe parents are the primary teachers in a child's life. Because of this, we post a Parent Weekly each Sunday which includes big ideas from that week’s teaching, the memory verse, questions for family discussion, and a look at where we’re headed the following week. Our hope is for this to be a helpful tool as you continue raising your kids to love God and love people.

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Year 2, Spring: Lesson 11


What we learned today

Big Idea: The father is love

Prodigal Son. Luke 15v11–32. Jesus told a parable about a father who celebrated his prodigal son’s return.


Where we're headed next time

Big Idea: The big God story. Genesis—Revelation.


Did you know?

    Share these facts to get the conversation started:

    • God created the universe and everything in it so that His glory might be displayed. What, then, is the proper response to God from His creation? Worship. 

    • From the beginning we see the centrality of worship to all of life. Cain killed Abel over a matter of worship. God scattered the world at Babel over a matter of worship. Abraham redefined faith when he was willing to sacrifice his son as an act of worship. 

    • As the Westminster shorter catechism states, “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Worship is the very reason we exist. 


    Connect as a family

    One morning, when everyone is home, take time during breakfast to read Psalm 145. Ask each family member to share the biggest thing God has done for her. Celebrate together after each person shares, thanking God for who He is and how He’s worked in each person’s life. Then, if you haven’t done this before, take time to tell your faith stories and the faith stories of family members from other generations. Celebrate together with a round of applause or a “Yahoo!” to God. 

    After reading the Scripture passage, discuss these questions together:

    • What stands out most to you in this passage? 

    • What does this passage tell us about God? 

    • How can we praise God today? 

      These questions can easily extend into the rest of the week. Look for opportunities to bring conversations about The Big God Story into your everyday life as a family. 


    Blessings are often used in the Bible. A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words to encourage and guide.

    A blessing to pray over your child: (Child’s name), may God give you hope and encouragement through The Big God Story. May you worship Him this week as you follow His plan for your life.