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The Parent Weekly


The Parent Weekly

We believe parents are the primary teachers in a child's life. Because of this, we post a Parent Weekly each Sunday which includes big ideas from that week’s teaching, the memory verse, questions for family discussion, and a look at where we’re headed the following week. Our hope is for this to be a helpful tool as you continue raising your kids to love God and love people.

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Year 1, Winter: Lesson 10


What we learned today

Big Idea: Jesus is powerful

John 9v1–12 Jesus displayed God’s power by healing a man who had been born blind.


Where we're headed next time

Big Idea: Jesus Cares

Matthew 14v13–21; Mark 6v30–44; Luke 9v10–17; John 6v1–15.Jesus cared so much for the crowd following Him that He taught the people, healed them, and fed them. Jesus provides abundantly for us because He cares for us.


Did you know?

Share these facts to get the conversation started:

  • There were 5,000 men in the crowd, but there were probably several thousand more people there since that number does not include the women and children who were present.

  • After Jesus fed the 5,000, there were 12 baskets of leftovers!


Connect as a family

Balls are a favorite toy. Find a wide-open space and allow your little one to test his own power by seeing how far he can throw!

Read John 9v6–11. Remind your child that Jesus was the only one who had the power to heal the blind man.

After reading the Scripture passage, discuss these thoughts together:

  • Why did Jesus feed the crowd? Because Jesus cared for them!

Discuss with your child some tangible ways we can show other people how much Jesus cares about them—using kind words, showing affection, etc.



Blessings are often used in the Bible. A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words to encourage and guide.

Open a Bible and read Psalm 23v1 “The Lord is my shepherd; I lack nothing.”

A blessing to pray over your child: (Child’s name), I pray that you will come to know Jesus as your shepherd, and know that He cares for you every day.

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