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The Parent Weekly


The Parent Weekly

We believe parents are the primary teachers in a child's life. Because of this, we post a Parent Weekly each Sunday which includes big ideas from that week’s teaching, the memory verse, questions for family discussion, and a look at where we’re headed the following week. Our hope is for this to be a helpful tool as you continue raising your kids to love God and love people.

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Year 1, Spring: Lesson 2


What we learned today

Big Idea: God is with me. (part 2)

Matthew 14v22–33; Mark 6v45–51 After praying, Jesus walked on the water to meet the disciples, who were out on the lake in a boat. Peter walked out on the water to meet Jesus. When Peter became afraid and began to sink, Jesus saved him.


Where we're headed next time

Big Idea: Jesus is my shepherd. Jesus is my king. (part 1)

Matthew 21v1–11; Mark 11v1–11; Luke 19v28–38.Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. As Jesus rode into the city, the people celebrated while they shouted, “Hosanna, Hosanna!”


Dig into God’s word

Read Matthew 21v7–9. After reading, let your child know that by spreading their garments on the road in front of Jesus, the people were honoring Him as King.


Connect as a family

Your child enjoys role-play and dress-up. Allow your child to dress as royalty. Be sure to include a discussion about Jesus, our true King who loves us!

  • What did the people say when Jesus came riding into Jerusalem? “Hosanna!” “Blessed is the king!”



Blessings are often used in the Bible. A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words to encourage and guide.

Open a Bible and read Zechariah 9v9: “Rejoice! … Your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey.”

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