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Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives

Eight things that make us, us.

We affirm Orthodox, historic Christian doctrine as read in the Lausanne Covenant. In addition, 26 West Church holds to eight theological distinctives.


1. The Scriptures

2 Timothy 3v16, 2 Peter 1v19–21

We believe God has spoken with authority through the authors of the Old and New Testament Scriptures to show us His thoughts, intentions, and will for humankind and all that He has created.


2. Resurrection Eschatology

1 Corinthians 15, Revelation 21v1–5

We believe every follower of Jesus will be (literally) resurrected from the dead. That one day Jesus will come back to earth and we want to be living lives that are ready for His return.

We look forward to what the Bible calls the renewal of all things, when we'll live forever with God in His world made new. 


3. Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 12, 14, Romans 12v3–8

We believe the Holy Spirit is given, as the ultimate gift, to those who receive adoption into God's family through Jesus.

We believe the Holy Spirit expresses God's glory in a variety of ways. And that the purpose for the stuff the Holy Spirit does is to equip the Church to carry out her mission until Jesus' return.


4. Missional Ecclesiology

Matthew 28v18–20, Acts 1v8

We believe God has been on a mission (since the fall of humanity) to get His family back. And we believe His Church is central to accomplishing that mission. We seek to do all things in alignment with the heart and mission of God. 


5. Balance of Providence / Free Will

Romans 8v28–30, Ephesians 2v1–10

We believe God calls us according to His foreknowledge and at the same time... extends His invitation of grace to everyone.

Because of His invitation, each person is accountable for his or her response (and to live lives of faithful loving obedience.)


6. Elder Led

1 Timothy 3v1–7, Titus 1v5–9

We believe the Church should be led by a group of male elders under Jesus’ authority.


7. Soft Complimentarian

Genesis 2–3, Ephesians 5v21–33

We believe male and female together bear the image of God. Equal in value and complimentary in roles.


8. Gender & Marriage

Genesis 2, Romans 1v18–32

We believe God created marriage to be a lifelong covenant between one natural born man and one natural born woman.