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Three suggestions when reading your One Year Bible

Three suggestions when reading your One Year Bible

As a community of young people (Grades 6–12), we're using The One Year Bible to read through the Scriptures in 2017. Each One Year Bible includes a daily reading from both the Old and New Testament, making it a great tool to practice the rhythm of reading the Scriptures.

But even still, it's a big book. And learning the discipline of reading the Scriptures daily will take time, but it will also pay massive dividends as you (or your young people) grow older. Here are three suggestions to help you build the habit of reading your One Year Bible each day:

1. Choose a set time

Choosing the same (15 minute) time block each day to read your One Year Bible will help you build the habit. Like brushing your teeth before bed, habits form when we're consistent with an action. Choosing a set time each day is a helpful way to make this happen.

So what time works best for you? 7-7:15am... or maybe 8-8:30pm? You get to choose.

2. If you miss a day or two, open to today's reading

It's easy to allow the feeling of being "behind" to keep us from continuing. If you miss or day (or a few days) of reading, it's okay. Open up to today's date and keep going. Yes, our goal in using the One Year Bible is to grow in our understanding of the Scriptures... but it's also about practicing the rhythm of reading it daily.

Maybe you feel "behind" right now, no worries, simply open to today's date and boom, you're caught up!

3. Make a big goal and small steps to get there

Reading the Bible in a year is a big goal, so taking small steps to get there will help you along the way. If you enjoy reading, 15 minutes a day may be easy for you. But for others of us, taking small steps may be helpful as we become more familiar with the habit of reading our Bibles daily. If this is you, try reading just the New Testament and Psalm sections each day, then add the Proverbs or Old Testament sections when you're ready for more.

What's your big goal with your One Year Bible? And what are your small steps to get there?

We hope you find these three suggestions when reading the One Year Bible helpful in your journey of learning the discipline of reading the Scriptures daily. If you don't have a One Year Bible yet, and would like one, you can pick one up for just $10 before or after any Sunday Gathering from the Welcome Desk or during any Youth Gathering from a Leader.

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