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Hear the Cry: Serve Trips

What’s so great about going on a mission trip? Everything!

It all starts with curiosity. Maybe it was a picture, a conversation with a friend, or some small humble frame of a man who shared about his life in Africa as he stands on the platform on what seemed to be another routine Sunday morning at church. But there was nothing routine about it at all. Your heart was stirred. A flurry of thoughts and questions and excitement began to overtake the direction of the day. So now what? What do I do next? You might be hearing yourself say, “I want to go”. “I can make a difference and change things for the better”. “Sign me up”!

And then, fear sets in:

"I don’t’ have the time. I can’t get away from work. My family won’t understand. I don’t speak the language. My bank account is at zero. What do I have to offer?"

Even hearts that have the deepest longing to go and serve and make a difference, hesitate.  But we want you to know you can do this! Traveling on a trip with Hear The Cry and 26 West Church will change the way you see the world, yourself, and Jesus. Jesus calls us into the places that everybody else is running from.

Opportunities and needs are everywhere and the doors are open in places where only your dreams have gone. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to articulate an emotion that has never been felt before. It is challenging to just offer up a highlight, when there are over 500 you want to share. Like the first time a child barely old enough to go to school prays for you in their language. Or the time when you served up a small plate of rice to a hungry family and they thought they had been offered a feast. Or the time the woman hugged you with tears in her eyes and just kept saying “thank you, thank you” just because you showed up and recognized her existence.

Uganda, Myanmar, India, Nicaragua, Haiti, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Iraq. Each of these countries has a unique need that only you can satisfy. Everything from playing with children, to digging into the land, to serving at a health clinic, to building a home, to sharing the Gospel, to just simply listening to a story over a cup of tea, you can make a difference.

Are you curious yet? For more information visit Hear The Cry and dust off your suitcase, because you know you want to!

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