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The Announcement: 26 West Church

26 West Church

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We believe our community is stepping into a season of growth, and change is a natural part of growth.

With today’s announcement, we thought it helpful to provide an overview of our church story and where we are headed in the days to come. But first, a little back story...

In 2004, Solid Rock: A Jesus Church was launched as a plant from Cedar Mill Bible Church. God moved, and the church grew quickly. In early 2010, Bridgetown began in downtown Portland as a second location and Sunset began on Easter 2012.

This Easter, Van City held its first gathering in Vancouver, WA, marking a fourth church within the same single A Jesus Church entity. Emmaus was planted in Raleigh, NC, as A Jesus Church, but not a part of the same 501c3 entity.

We were operating as one church in many locations. God continued to move, and more growth came. In 2012, we transitioned from one church in three locations to a family of churches – under the family name of A Jesus Church. Since then we have been operating as mostly autonomous churches, yet still within one 501c3 organization. This has posed some challenges and ambiguity in the area of lines of authority, and intertwined financial accountability.


Questions & Answers

Q: What is changing? What was announced?

A: As of October 1, we will be transitioning from operating as four churches within one organization (A Jesus Church Family, Inc.) to four separate 501c3 (non-profit) organizations. The intent is to continue relational connections, but to implement a structure that removes ambiguity around authority and finances, and facilitates further growth and church planting.

Q: When will this change take place?

A: The change goes into effect on October 1, 2016.

Q: Why is this change being made now?

A: Like kids who grow up and leave the house and are on their own, each church has reached a level of maturity and independence as four distinct churches. In addition, several new church plants are on the horizon, which the current structure doesn’t support.

Q: Is there a fracture or rift in relationship between the churches or church leaders?

A: No, relationships between the churches and church leaders are intact and healthy. The desire of the leaders is to continue collaborating and partnering together in the future.

Q: Why change the name from Sunset: A Jesus Church to 26 West Church?

A: Westside is the only church keeping the A Jesus Church name. With Sunset Presbyterian Church and Sunset Covenant Church so close, our elders felt it right to change the name to something that avoids confusion, honors the other churches, and yet still reflects our mission and location. Many of our people live, work, and serve off of Highway 26 West.

Q: Will we still be A Jesus Church Family?

A: Yes and No. Yes, in that the common family heritage and relationships between the churches will continue. Once family, always family. No, in that the churches will all be autonomous organizations going forward.

Q: Will Hear the Cry continue, and will all churches participate?

A: Yes. The churches are committed to continuing to participate in Hear the Cry, directing 10% of what is given to supporting the poor, widow and the orphan. We also will continue to give another 10% towards church planting and evangelism.

Q: How will this affect how I give to the church?

A: You can continue giving to the church online through Push Pay (26 West Church) or write checks to “26 West Church”. Our new mailing address is: PO Box 3846 Hillsboro, OR 97123.

If you have any other questions, or would like to connect with our staff, please let us know.

Nate K