Helping people experience life in Jesus. You're welcome here. 

2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report

Dear 26 West Church family,

What a year! We’re so grateful for all God is doing throughout our community to “help people experience life in Jesus.”  One of the many highlights is the Good News Today outreach last August. More than 5,600 people from across the city gathered together at Hillsboro Stadium to lift up the name of Jesus. We’re excited to do it again this August 11th. The name “26 West Church” isn’t on GNT for a reason. This is for everyone. This is about Jesus, not just one local congregation.

With that spirit, let’s rejoice in all God’s doing throughout the church – on Sunday’s, with Kids, Youth, Communities, Men’s, Women’s, Life on Life, and through partnerships with other churches and ministries around the world. Jesus is changing lives. Jesus is using us. What a thrill to get to serve Jesus together.

Thank you for living generously,

Jose Zayas



Helping people experience life in Jesus



People were baptized in water this year during our gatherings.


Was given to help share the Gospel and support people in need through churches (in Spokane, Bend, San Diego, Estonia, Romania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom); and in partnerships with the Luis Palau Association, Remember Nhu, Africa Renewal Ministries, the A Jesus Church Network and other organizations.


Communities within our church serving neighborhoods, schools, and local organizations year round.



Financial Summary

2018 fiscal year for 26 West Church extended from October 2017 – September 2018. The numbers shown when rolling over this chart represent dollars.


Total Giving

This figure represents 100% of giving before  supporting compassion and justice and church planting and evangelism.

- $388,494

Share Fund

At least twenty percent of every dollar given goes directly to sharing the Gospel and helping those in need both globally and locally.

- $978,084

Operating Expenses

Including, but not limited to building lease, wages and benefits, and ministry expenses. 

= $10,262

Net Surplus

By your generosity and God’s grace we ended the year with a surplus that has been moved to a reserve fund.



2018 Survey Results

Results were compiled from 375 voluntary entries in church-wide survey taken November 2017. All numbers shown when rolling over charts are percentages unless otherwise noted.



Marital Status


are female


are male


Gathering Attended

Years at 26 West Church

26 West Church as your Primary Church

Gathering Frequency


Part of a 26 West Church Community

Number of Children (under 18) per Family

Baptized by Immersion

Where We Live